Attractions in Tioman

Tekek to Juara Jungle Walk

For those fitness enthusiasts, this is a beautiful way to view the landscape on the island. The 7km journey features steep pathways and taxing weather conditions. Signs for the walk are located just a kilometer from the ferry station in Tekek.

Juara Turtle Project

Open daily from 10am to 5pm this volunteer operation works to protect sea turtle populations from poachers and predators. The cost of a tour is US$2.50 while those who want to volunteer for a minimum of four nights can do so at a cost US$30 which includes dorm accommodation and lunch. For more information call +60 9 419 3244.

Tekek to Berjaya Tioman

A great hike for those of any skill-level. Choose to make your way south by walking or rock-hopping at low tide. If looking to relax afterwards, head to the golf course, or beach nearby.

World War Two Wreck Sites

Located 45 nautical miles north of Tioman, if you’re an experienced diver, you’ll love this challenging dive to a truly historical site.

Suzila Batik Arts and Crafts Centre

Enroll in classes to make your own batik for the price of US$6-20 or purchase ready made for US$7-30. For more information email [email protected]

ABC to Salang Trail

Hikers embarking on this difficult trail including steep hills and climbing opportunities are rewarded with fantastic views and empty beaches.

Diving Certification

B&J shop located in ABC is a five-star dive center that offers visitors the chance to become certified to take advantage of the wonderful dive sites located throughout Tioman. For more information go to

Renggis Island

On this dive site you can very often see blacktip reef shark and green turtles. It is a good place for underwater macro photography with mostly no current and good visibility. It is also one of the best spots in Tioman Island for snorkeling!

Asah Waterfall Trek

Located near the village Mukut, this stunning waterfall includes a clean swimming hole. Visitors can make their way to the top of the waterfall via a challenging walkway. The loud rushing waters and birds singing create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Volcanic Rock Climbing

One of the more exciting and unique attractions in Tioman. Visitors can choose between climbing courses (US$250), rappelling (US$20), and top-rope climbs (US$17-30). For more information call +60 12 956 1326.

Coral Island

Located northwest of Tioman, visit Coral Island to experience exotic puffer fish and soft coral as well as other reef animals.

Tioman Cabana

A hotspot for tourists, this café runs from 9am to 6pm before turning into a bar from 8pm to 2am. Additionally, they also act as a tour operator providing rentals for a variety of sporting activities.


One of the best features of Tioman is the beautiful sunsets by the beach. Great chances to kick back and relax with an unforgettable moment with the people you care about. To get a full-fledged experience, check out one of the available luxury yacht cruise tours!

Minang Cove

Minang Cove features activities such as jungle trekking, snorkeling, diving, island tours, fishing, and golf.